The Most intuitive VR Game Controller

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 Tuesday, November 3th, 2020

Let your Unlike the devices that have been used to enjoy FPS VR games, Aidusgun is an innovative device that allows the players to enjoy the game just by simply attaching the device to an air gun without any complication or modification.users get to know you.

Benefit of Aidusgun

 Aidusgun is easy and comfortable to play by simply attaching it to the rails without the need for any modifications to the player's airgun.


 There is no need for external observation devices or modifications, just attach it to any air gun and enjoy a variety of games anytime, anywhere.

 With the Aidusgun, you can turn from 180 to 360 degrees intuitively by looking quickly left or right. It can be transmitted wirelessly without internet in real time

 After installing the Aidusgun, the player may enjoy the game by shooting in the direction the player aims without performing any operation when changing direction during the VR game. With Adiusgun, players may enjoy the game more intuitive and realistic.

Wireless VR

game controller

-Mobile contents

 -PC contents

-Cost efficient

-Self-developed contents

 Due to its excellence in scalability and compatibility, players may enjoy playing various games by linking the device with PCs, mobile phones, VR, or tablets.

Aidusgun Game : Zombie Halloween

- Mobile contents

 PC contents

-Cost efficient

-Self-developed contents

  Zombie Halloween is a self-developed game content by Aidus to provide more rich and vivid game for the players. Zombie Halloween is made for VR and it can also be played on PC as well.

<Compatible with almost all FPS Game>

 Aidusgun can also act as a PC mouse at home. Plays may fully enjoy games played on PC without having to switch from the gun to a mouse back and forth. Skip all the hassle with Aidusgun.